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Updated: Aug 1, 2023

OK, QUICK THOUGHT: We have built our Chihuahua puppy raising dreams on the principle of transparency. We have thousands of videos over social media channels, and we beleive that knowing where your sweet puppy comes from is a top priorityfor any family looking to secure a great start with their new pet puppy and family member.

That said, we appreciate EVERY REVIEW, since we know even the potentially negative insight creates a realistic foundational expectation.

For example: 1☆STAR: "We Never Got Through" - (A Real Review Left For Us)

While this type of review may not seem friendly to leave, ****and please don't misunderstand****, any review that discourages loving homes from reaching out is excruciatingly painful, because I grieve the loss of nurturing opportunities for our babies. Ultimately, the puppies are the innocent little ones that suffer most when getting attached to us while awaiting their own new families as they mature, although thankfully they dont have to know or understand the rejection.

Even this review above is highly appreciated here, because we tend to have unconventional perspectives and I honestly beleive that in the grand scheme of things, insight like this is highly beneficial.

It's no real secret that my reclusive nature has been compared to almost that of Howard Hughes in his early years, and that people have questioned if I, (Marisol) really even exists. I've been likened to the Wizard of Oz, that no ones ever seen, and comments have been made regarding the idea that its probably easier to get through to the US President than it is to get through to me, but there's a very valid and well intentioned reason for this.

Over the years Ive struggled considerably with my health among other challenges, and its a real tough balance sometimes to be completely honest and not one who inadvertently brings down others with their own personal struggles. POSITIVITY is a real big deal to all of us here at Dreamers Pups. Without relentless ambition and a stubborn resistance to negativity, we would not be here today.

So ie. being this 'silent' has never come out of a lack of interest or concern for our fans, followers, friends, or family, but out of the difficulty in efficient management of such limited resources like time and energy.

I rarely answer the phone as many know very well, and I limit pick up times to when I'm not 'cow-girling' this little ranch alone, since this here is much more than just a place of business, but our home, where we have been taught through life experience, that its not as safe for our family or our little pack of chihuahuas as it was in days passed, even in the country.

All this to let you know sincerely that we appreciate the sharing of truth however it falls, and would much rather have that one star truth in there than to have a perfect 5 stars, where people are holding unrealistic expectations of me that can only turn to frustration because theyve unknowingly taken my shortcomings personally, when in reality I am only not answering yet because I'm in several active conversations, and because if I am going to take the call, I believe that every single one of you prospective mommies and daddies deserve the respect of my time and undivided attention. Especially if we are going to talk about the deeply valued life of a fur-baby just lost, or the future of a tiny puppy we've recently brought into the world.

So! In conclusion! LEAVE US A REVIEW!! We live out loud and expect nothing less from the families that take our puppies into their homes and are able to smile everyday as a result of all the love we've invested! This is our mission and our life's work. Tell the world if our babies have made a difference in your lives!

Not quite sure what to share in your review? Well, If you’re not way too busy, the most helpful reviews offer a summary of ones experience, and includes helpful tips for future customers. Like ...~"if she doesnt answer, text her through the website, she values persistence"~ Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you’re writing the review – they’ll help you write something detailed and helpful:

– Did you get an applehead or deerhead Chihuahua?

– Did you get a longcoat or shortcoat?

– Did you get a black, blue, or chocolate tri-color?

– Did you get a black, blue, or chocolate Merle, brindle,Sable, or other exotic color?

– Did you get a boy or girl?

– Did you have a hard time deciding between Chihuahua puppies?

– Did you buy a new puppy or get a rescue rate puppy or retiree?

– Did you have your Chihuahua puppy delivered or did you ?

– Do you live nearby or out of state?

– Did you forego other adoption options to choose us?

– Which one of us helped you most, and how did he or she do?

– How do we compare to other options you’ve had in the past?

– Do you have any tips to offer future puppy moms and dads?

Don’t worry – if you don't have time, we love short and sweet reviews too!

Feel free to use our pictures we sent you if you don't have any yet, but including pictures is really great, and helps your insight stand out!

Again, we are delighted that you are adopted into our DreamersPups family, and look forward to a long and fulfilling relationship! Thank you!

If youre looking for a new baby, and you're interested in dealing with a Better Business Bureau accredited Breeder with a long-standing 5 star reputation, Check out Most pups are listed right on the available page, and delivery is offered nationwide with free 1st month health insurance and 1 year congenital health guarantee. If you don't see what you're seeking, inquire! It's possible even likely that there are available pups not yet listed.

To See What Toy and Teacup Applehead or deerhead, Lanky or Cobby, Longcoat or Shortcoat, White, Spotted on white, Fawn, Tan, Brown, Sable, Red, Chocolate, Lavender off Lilac, Blue or Silver, black, black and tan, brindle, Merle, ticking, wolf sable, blue fawn or any other color variation... Chihuahua Pups Dreamers Pups has available, go to: ... We are frequently behind schedule on posting pictures and updates, so if you're looking for something in specific, please make sure that you inquire, because we just may have it and not have it published yet!

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