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What Really Makes A Dreamer’s Pup So Special?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Dreamers Pups are simply a family of well-bred chihuahuas that are extraordinarily loved and equally privileged. That's the biggest factor in how we value our babies.

In many cases, we pull them right out of their mommies with our own hands, and the rates at which we set our pricing reflect not a penny less than we would be willing to invest ourselves if we were looking for a perfectly affectionate and top-quality family member.

The reason we love these babies so much is due, in part, to our overwhelming Chihuahua puppy addiction of course, but also from the fact that we have been refining our lines for nearly 2 decades now.

Personally valuing our babies the way we do, it's striking to be playing or working with them, and see their highly adored great grandparent's attributes shining through in their attributes, demeanor, or personality.

Over the years, we've obtained a spectrum of lines, from different states, in an effort to diversely fine-tune the DNA to create a small family line of exclusive chihuahuas. Through this process of personal parenting and breeding for such qualities as intuition, affection, intelligence, and just teddy bear-like cuteness, in every case, we just love each of our "keepers" more and more as the generations emerge. Not only because they are so lovable, but also because we have spent our lives loving their forerunners, and because it's beautiful and magical to almost call a lil' one by its grandparent's name because something they do so affectionately reminds us of them.

So, that is considered, "how does the market contribute to their value?", you might ask.

Well, in the current landscape, dogs in general have been in very high demand nationwide. Mainly because when Covid hit, many more people had time at home to train and enjoy a dog. Needless to say, when the demand for quality bred dogs skyrocketed, so did their average pricing on a national scale.

The fact that over the years our primary demand has come from the Northeast also factors in our pricing, which has been set competitively within the range of that economy.

The truth of the matter is... I've learned 1 principle that contributes here, and that's the fact that if families are truly invested in their babies, their efforts to make sure the baby's training continues along with their commitment to the long haul come in direct relation to how they value that "child".

All things considered, to us each one is simply priceless because nothing compares to seeing your children in your grandchild's eyes. But if we priced them at priceless, well ...then we would never have new families to adopt since the puppies, in that case, couldn't be bought.

So, in essence, we've determined that in order for our babies to continue living the richly spoiled and highly valued lifestyles to which they've become accustomed, our pricing has to reflect what we believe they are truly worth, which is never easy to establish since we do grow to love them so deeply by the time they are old enough to go to their new homes.

There's also another factor involved. In order to make sure that each baby ends up in their perfect match of a home, what I have discovered, is that the investment involved is not the only reflection of how one family may value these babies over another. So we have established a couple of programs that help level the playing field.

The most popular is our trade-up program. We originally incorporated this to enable a wider range of families to be able to afford these puppies, while helping our kids learn how to buy and sell online.

The main reason we love this program now is because it helps us clearly discern by one's interest in participation, just how motivated they are toward the new baby family member, and/or how truly connected they already feel with the puppy, price notwithstanding.

We know that if one is willing to give up their old phone or laptop, those things having represented a value to them, they will certainly value our baby just as much if not more. Moreover, if they are willing to be so creative in just obtaining the pup, certainly, should their little dog need anything by emergency or otherwise, they will be just as creative to come up with what's needed at that point as well, which provides great peace of mind for all of us here at our little puppy ranch.

And last but not least, is the fact that this is not your average kennel. These kiddos have it all here, including an educated staff of 5 employees that in alternation take excellent care of them; keeping them well fed, well socialized, and well maintained, (CLEAN) practically around the clock.

Truth be told, by the time payroll is done and overhead is covered, we are not really as wealthy as some would think we would be, but the adoptions are very rewarding, and we find perfect satisfaction in that balance.

In conclusion, I hope we've clearly established our basis for pricing, but moreover, I hope you understand how we gauge value. Not only on the price of the puppy but more importantly on the quality and integrity of their new home.

In this way, we take great pride in being able to pick where our little ones go, selectively, not necessarily to the homes with the most means, but the homes with the most love.

We deal with people of all types and perspectives. If some who attempted to lowball me on pricing saw how much less I let them go for to the home that we believed was the perfect fit, they'd probably be embarrassed, since we do make a serious distinction between "price" and "value", and the fact that we are not "sold" on the highest bidder.

Price is what you pay, Value is what you get. And what we seek in a prospective family is that they honestly VALUE that baby no less than we do. We find that being flexible with new families, as opposed to gaging perceived value by money alone, helps us fulfill the higher purpose of infusing an endless source of deep unconditional love and joy into the homes that could reciprocate the best over that baby's lifetime.

Also worthy of mention is that in our early days our dogs were AKC registered, in the representation of their lineage and quality, but as I discovered the nature of the industry, I realized that I did not want our puppies or grand-puppies kenneled or raised in cages for commercial purposes.

The puppy prospects we mainly attracted back then were always judging their purchase decisions on the baby's physical potential to bring them some level of show ring fame or profit, and we decided early on that our babies were born to sleep in someone's bed. That being the center of their world was more rewarding, to us as well as them, than being the center of the AKC show world. Therefore we went to Continental Kennel Club for pedigree and lineage recording.

By being able to mingle completely distinct yet extraordinary bloodlines, since CKC is so much more popular these days, we also knew that ultimately our babies would be much healthier than those repeatedly bred into other closely related lines, as many in the American Kennel Club space are limited to.

I'm sure that's a good reason that we have been able to provide such genetically balanced babies. Each father has AKC champions in their respective lines, and each mother contributes the same somewhere in their bloodlines, through different pedigrees.

The only thing we've done differently was to position ourselves to provide "Quality Pets", and family members who are not at risk of becoming someone's commercial asset.

That summarizes it! Feel free to look over our trade-up program, and now that you know how the pricing and vetting process works, maybe we can figure out how we can infuse YOUR home with unconditional love!

Either way, we wish you the very best in wherever your puppy search leads!

Best Regards,

Marisol Elwell

Owner and Proprietor,

Dreamers Pups

To See What Toy and Teacup Pups Dreamers Pups has available, go to: ... We are frequently behind schedule on posting pictures and updates, so if you're looking for something in specific, please make sure that you inquire, because we just may have it and not have it published yet!

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Dreamer's Pups
Dreamer's Pups
23 jul 2023

I think one thing that's understated in this blog are about the homes that they go to. It's really a high moral responsibility to hold out for the right family everytime. But we believe that as important as any of our responsibilities in this puppy raising mission, it's imperative that every Chihuahua we breed ends up in a home where they are going to bring joy to the hearts of those looking into their eyes over their lifetimes. If we ask questions, please don't be irritated with our need to make sure that yours is the most suitable of pet homes. It's because of this that that baby is even still available for your consideration. We are not at …

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