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AKC? CKC? Where Do We Stand? …and Why?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Dreamers Pups does not hold to kennel club affiliation for endorsement, whereas there had been nothing but heartbreaking personal experiences when obtaining "quality" chihuahua puppies from the “Pet-for-Profit” sector.

Disclaimer: Nothing Against the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a valued record keeper, or industry standard pioneer. I am just making the distinction as to how we value our babies, since chihuahua puppies, unlike anything else in the marketplace, are valued based on what the breeder and buyer mutually agree between them.

The chihuahua puppies that we produce, in contrast to dependence on the virtue associated with kennel club affiliation, are valued in direct relation to the level of care they get in preparation to becoming a courageous, intuitive, and intelligent addition to their new families.

Dreamers Pups seems to be one of a kind in respect. Where we place value is on the contribution that they have been raised to bring into the family. Every pup born and bred is raised in home with top notch care, top quality socialization, and kept exceptionally clean to simplify training for new families, and give them the greatest shot at successful integration from day one.

We have found that the effort invested in this aspect of the "business" is infinitely more important than just genetic reference, (assuming the reporting has been 100% accurate over the past 100+ years, which in my experience in dealing with even best of the best show breeders, I've found to not always be the case).

Although today’s Dreamers pups have descended from champion AKC lines, we have opted to make the “pet” sector our niche, since it was discovered early on that there is a lot more diversity, which grants much better health over time and a better balanced disposition than staying “in the family” and breeding over and over between strictly AKC registered bloodlines.

Pedigrees are made available through Continental Kennel Club, who has not "been around" near as long, but does hold very strict criteria in terms of measurements, weight, and other attributes. By requiring hard copy photos, and multiple witnesses for confirmation, the process for me holds a stricter standard by which to become affiliated than someone's word that there was not a discrepancy somewhere along the lines in parentage, knowing exactly how easy something like that could happen, especially if it made a difference in how much money could be made on the offspring.

Anyone looking to show or breed can still find the perfect baby in asking us, though. Dreamers Pups only personally endorses home based, family raised high end reputable AKC breeders in the industry upon request.

We have done a great deal of due diligence in establishing where value on paper does not yield puppies whose attributes mirror that of puppy mill level commercial establishments that have, in large part, inventory made available through auctions set up to provide pups to the highest bidding dealers. Many would be blown away to see how the motivation to capitalize compromises the industry that is supposed to foster living beings, purchased for, and expected to, bring unconditional love and laughs over their lifetime.

Dreamers Pups babies are bred and groomed to be fully integrated in their family environments, and will adapt quickly to homes where they sleep in their owners beds, and have not been indefinitely caged or raised to just be “shown” or kennel kept like so many in the commercial pet industry, from Puppy Mill to Breeder Mill.

This course has been chosen because health and quality of life is held above profit, and it has been painfully discovered, that as in any industry where capital creates the landscape, that the “quality of life” for babies being bred for profit falls detrimentally short of what is so desperately needed in the earliest stages for them to develop the confidence needed for successful training upon transition.

In accordance with the company’s values, a 5 star A+ rating is held at the Better Business Bureau. Every moment invested in the interaction of these baby chihuahuas from cuddling and play, to affection and training, that these babies enjoy is a direct investment by their breeders and caretakers into that puppy’s new family’s future.

The love and affection infused becomes the foundation of that puppy’s impact and contribution to the families chosen, and these principles are honorably regarded by management as a top priority in their upbringing.

The value of Dreamers Pups early enrichment is what ensures permanence for the pup, and the smiles that result from this success is the Dreamers Pups legacy, bringing to life the fulfillment of its mission to fill the world with a lifetime of unconditional love and joy.

If you reside in Tennessee, we do offer doorstep delivery to these areas. Pick up is always FREE!

We also deliver into other states! Message us and ask for chihuahua puppy delivery details in your area!

To See What Toy and Teacup Pups Dreamers Pups has available, go to: ... We are frequently behind schedule on posting pictures and updates, so if you're looking for something in specific, please make sure that you inquire, because we just may have it and not have it published yet!


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