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Why We Do What We Do

        Hey! For those of you that don't know, my name is Marisol, the founder here at Dreamer's Pups.

        I feel like sometimes what we do here at Dreamer's Pups is misunderstood, and I wanted to make sure everyone knows our story and passion.

        I grew up very alone as a single child without having any pets growing up, due to regulation where we lived. When I decided I was ready for my first Chihuahua, I made sure to find one from one of the most reputable AKC breeders in America because I wanted a purebred, perfect Chihuahua, and going the extra mile and paying for premium quality should also deliver quality of life, right? Boy, was I naive.

        “Dreamer" spent most of his adult life very skittish and anxious, hiding under the bed and peeing in my hubby's shoes. Because he was almost a year old when I got him after being caged his entire life along with in the range of 150 other poor dogs that were being exploited, he was pretty set in his ways when I got him. Learning about puppy mills and the truth of where these dogs were coming from made me very upset.

        I am a strong advocate for Adopt don't shop, and will never argue against it, but I came to realize that many people like me wanted the little teacup apple-head perfect Chihuahua that was purebred and registered that could seldom be found in a pound environment. What I find all over now, are people getting scammed, and compromising to get babies from questionable or unknown places where they bring home all the baggage associated with being raised as a commodity, as opposed to a living baby, like my little Dreamer. I had not planned to breed but having invested in nice lines I thought to have a few babies, and to make a 15 year story short, our kids loved it, and we loved finding families who ultimately became close friends who we talk to often. I am blessed with a family that is understanding and shares my love for animals, and take special care and quality time with each and every one of our adorable little babies.

        Over the years, we've been blessed with success, and a loyal following of people who share our philosophy and love our babies. Recently we've obtained the opportunity to provide you guys discounts on dog supplies, and offer nice collars, toys and other canine accessories that we can deliver with the Dreamer quality seal of approval that means so much to us.

        In a nutshell this is the reason we have purposed to raise awareness, and bring quality hobby breeders and high quality socialized and pre-loved puppies to the forefront. Our life is fully invested in our little ranch, and making this heaven on earth for the babies we raise, and we love what we do. 

Thanks for your interest in Dreamer’s Pups!

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