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Our Breeding Standards

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

At Dreamers Pups, we have always bred the absolute highest quality purebred little males we've had access to, beginning with Dreamer who had a long history of AKC championship history in his lines, from Ouachitah to Dartans Super Star.

Unlike most AKC Chihuahua breeders in the industry, we do not discriminate against the original deerhead structure, since we believe that historically Chihuahuas have always been what most would consider a median between an extreme "deerhead" terrier style look and the extreme "applehead" (smooshed face) look that is being often over exaggerated at this point in AKC Chihuahua Sector in our humble opinion.

Although we respect any Official Kennel Clubs authority to pursue what they believe is right in terms of what's most visually appealing, not being affiliated releases us from the obligation to "improve" on the historic attributes of the Chihuahua breed, which we find are becoming obsolete.

Obtained from the AKC website, the following photo is of a show winner in the 1950s.

Is this dog a "deerhead" or an "applehead"?

Over the years, in our selective breeding process here, we have obtained female chihuahuas for breeding from various breeders with a spectrum of diversity on the mothers side, so as to never have the risk of inbreeding or line breeding related congenital issues.

We have always done our best to bring the most complimentary lines together to yield the best fascinating and adorable features combined with the loving socialized dispositions in our chihuahua puppies. That is not just our hobby or commitment, its our passion.

In regards to Kennel Club affiliation, one reason we have chosen to breed Continental Kennel Club over American Kennel Club, is because of the range of genetic diversity available.

Our vision is to produce strong healthy chihuahua pups through this process, this can only come through genetic diversity.

In contrast to breeding grandfathered lines into grandfathered lines, which over the years I have seen cause generational health issues, in many cases causing families great heartache, financial hardship and often untimely loss.

As a result, we have been impressively successful in that we can proudly say that over the years the pups we have had to replace over congenital issues appear to be fractional in comparison, which just basically means we are likely to have a greater percentage of healthy babies still sleeping with their kids every night as the years roll on, and this is first and foremost what Dreamers Pups is driven to provide; excellence in health and longevity, in truly "CUTE" puppies designed to bring a lifetime of love and joy and laughter into the hearts that become part of our Dreamers Pups family.

If you're interested in dealing with a Better Business Bureau accredited Breeder with a long-standing 5 star reputation, Check out Most pups are listed right on the available page, and delivery is offered nationwide with free 1st month health insurance and 1 year congenital health guarantee. If you don't see what you're seeking, inquire! It's possible even likely that there are available pups not yet listed.

To See What Toy and Teacup Applehead or deerhead, Lanky or Cobby, Longcoat or Shortcoat, White, Spotted on white, Fawn, Tan, Brown, Sable, Red, Chocolate, Lavender off Lilac, Blue or Silver, black, black and tan, brindle, Merle, ticking, wolf sable, blue fawn or any other color variation... Chihuahua Pups Dreamers Pups has available, go to: ... We are frequently behind schedule on posting pictures and updates, so if you're looking for something in specific, please make sure that you inquire, because we just may have it and not have it published yet!

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