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Get Wise About Pet Scams, Shady Adoption Set-Ups, Schemes and What to Look Out For.

Updated: Jan 6

To clarify what I mean about the comment in my narrative that refers to people being scammed, what I was referring to I s the multitude of scammers That have arisen since the market began experiencing a shortage of dogs due to the fact that Covid made it possible for so many do you have dogs that hadn’t had dogs before.

This rapidly cteated a very significant explosion in demand in the marketplace That resulted in a shortage of quality puppies.

As a result, in the chihuahua sales and adoption market, the opportunity had arisen for many to fall victim to scammers capitalizing on the opportunity presented. In some unfortunate cases their families were grieving the loss of their babies, best friends, and lifelong companions.

These opportunistic thieves, seeking victims, often were having such a hard time finding available puppies, That they would sometimes even sometimes ~knowingly~ send money and keep sending money for puppies that did not even exist. These tragedies are the ones that I had to hear about day after day, with nothing more to offer than a strategy to approach their financial institutions and such, since PayPal would not even do so much as inform these victims that the financial institution themselves still do provide fraud protection in many cases.

So in many situations, by the time they got to me by referral, or stumbling on my website or whatever, they had been brutally shafted sometimes multiple times over.

One thing I intend to do is publish much more about our program, so that all these issues are better brought to light, not just because we have a story to tell, but because the passionate puppy loving community deserves to know what to expect when dealing with the commercial pet marketplace from “backyard breeders to the most prestigious among the notable.”

This is not a blanket statement, and I intend to throw absolutely nobody under the bus, because that’s not how we contribute to the good in the world, but more importantly to let people know that there is a lot to consider when getting a new baby and that not everyone shares the same concern for we believe is most important when bringing a new baby into the family dynamic.

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