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Pet Scams, Shady Adoption Set-Ups, Schemes, Red Flags, and What You Need to Know

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

There have been a multitude of scammers that have arisen since the market began to experience a shortage of dogs due to the fact that Covid made it possible for so many to have dogs that hadn’t had the time to have pets before.


According to the BBB, pet scams make up a large majority of reported online scams seen each day:

“The Better Business Bureau recently announced that pet scams now make up 35% of all online shopping scams reported to them, and this particular scam targeted people at their most vulnerable, just as the pandemic led to a record spike in people wanting to own pets. That’s why we’re taking proactive action to set a legal precedent, protect victims, disrupt the scammer’s infrastructure, and raise public awareness.”

The rise of Coronavirus created a very significant explosion in demand in the pet industry, which resulted in a shortage of quality bred puppies and kittens.

As a result, in the chihuahua sales and adoption market, the snare had been set for many to fall victim to scammers capitalizing on the deman this created.


"Lonely? $350! Buy Me! I'm the

Cheapest You'll Find Online"


In some unfortunate cases, families were grieving the loss of their furbabies, best friends, and lifelong companions.


"Our Shipper Needs You To Pay The Delivery Also Upfront"


These opportunistic thieves were seeking victims who'd had such a hard time finding available puppies, that they were willing to go to almost any length to be able to secure a new pup.


"We Ran Into A Serious Problem At The Airport"


Unsuspecting adoptive pet owners would (and still do), sometimes even ~knowingly~, send money, ...and keep sending money for chihuahua puppies, among other breeds, that did not or do not even exist for sale.


"Your dog is stuck at the airport, missed the flight, and the government department holding them will not release them, and will press charges including animal neglect and abandonment if you don't pay right away."


These tragedies are the ones that we've had to hear about day after day over the years, with nothing more to offer than a strategy to approach their financial institutions and such, since PayPal would not even do so much as inform these victims that the financial institution themselves still do provide fraud protection in many cases.


"You sent 'friends and family'? We're sorry for your loss, but you forfeited protection. Next time you'll know to pay the fee."


So in many situations, by the time they got to me by puppy parent referral, or stumbling on my website or whatever, they had been brutally shafted sometimes multiple times over.

One thing I intend to do is publish much more about scams and scammers, so that all these issues are better brought to light. These scammers seem to target the elderly, but all age ranges have fallen victim.

There is one principle I've learned in this puppy market. That is - if it sounds "Too good to be true" 9.9 times out of 10 it is.

The passionate puppy loving community deserves to know what to expect when dealing with the commercial pet marketplace from “backyard breeders" to the "most prestigious among the notable.” Scams online unfortunately

have added a whole new dimension pet searching and adoption online.

This insight is to let people know that there heartless thieves out there that will stop at nothing to steal a puppy loving victims money, and that pet purchasing should be taken very seriously, and that only transparent breeders with a good strong reputation should be considered.

These Scammers are EVERYWHERE, Beware!

Always Check with the Better Business Burea to see if there is anything on a breeder, seller, or pet store that could reveal things you will definitely want to know when bringing a new puppy into the family dynamic.

If you're interested in dealing with a Better Business Bureau accredited Breeder with a long-standing 5 star reputation, Check out Most pups are listed right on the available page, and delivery is offered nationwide with free 1st month health insurance and 1 year congenital health guarantee.

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