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Ensuring a Legitimate Pet Purchase: Tips and Resources to Avoid Scammers and Find Trusted Breeders -

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Bringing a new pet into your family is an exciting prospect. However, with the prevalence of online platforms, it's crucial to be vigilant and cautious when searching for a breeder. Sadly, scammers are adept at deceiving potential pet owners, causing unsuspecting individuals to fall victim to fraudulent activities. In this blog, we'll discuss effective strategies for testing breeders, ensuring that you avoid scams and find a trustworthy source for your new furry companion.

Throughout this guide, we'll frequently mention common subjects such as pet, kitten, puppy, scam, scammers, and BBB (Better Business Bureau), but know that these scams that have taken such a great number of people permeate every sector of the pet-loving community... From monkeys to hedgehogs.

1. Conduct Thorough Research:

When searching for a pet breeder, begin by conducting a comprehensive background check. Utilize internet search engines by searching for keywords like "reputable pet breeders," "trusted kitten breeders," etc. You can also use platforms that verify breeder credentials, such as the BBB's directory. BBB accreditation indicates that a breeder has met specific quality and ethical standards.

2. Review Breeder Websites & Social Media Platforms and Profiles:

A legitimate breeder will typically have a professional website and long-standing active social media presence.

Take the time to explore their website, scrutinizing the information provided. Pay attention to the presentation of their pet listings, photos, and descriptions, ensuring they appear genuine and not copied from other sources. Scammers often reuse images or provide misleading information.

3. Request Detailed Information:

Engage with the breeder and ask specific questions about their breeding practices, the health of their pets, and their approach to socialization. A trustworthy breeder will readily provide detailed answers and may even ask you questions to ensure their pets will be well-cared for. Be wary of breeders who apply pressure or show hesitancy when asked for additional information.

4. Ask for Recommendations and Referrals:

Reach out to previous customers or request testimonials from satisfied pet owners. Reputable breeders will gladly provide references and connect you with their satisfied clients. Interacting with these references will give you insights into the breeder's credibility and the health and temperament of their pets.

5. Schedule a Visit:

Whenever feasible, arrange a visit to the breeder's premises. This allows you to personally observe the breeding environment, interact with the pets, and assess the overall living conditions. Scammers may avoid or discourage such visits, using various excuses, so be cautious when faced with resistance.

6. Inquire about Health Certificates and Vaccination Records:

A trustworthy breeder will have no qualms providing you with proper documentation, including health certificates and vaccination records for their pets. This ensures that the animals have received adequate veterinary care and are in good health. Scammers, on the other hand, might not willingly provide accurate documentation.

7. Consider BBB Accreditation:

When evaluating breeders, it is beneficial to check if they are accredited by the BBB. The BBB evaluates businesses based on ethical practices, customer satisfaction, and complaint resolution. Their accreditation serves as a valuable indicator of a breeder's credibility and commitment to customer satisfaction.


Finding a reputable pet breeder requires diligence, research, and careful consideration. By following these key guidelines and constantly being on the lookout for scammers, you can ensure a safe and authentic pet purchase experience. Remember to utilize legitimate resources like the BBB and take the time to thoroughly assess breeders before making your final decision. By doing so, you'll not only protect yourself from scams but also find a loving, healthy pet to join your family.

(Note: Real-time information regarding specific scams, scammers, or related news can be obtained from relevant authorities and websites like the BBB, scam-alert forums, and law enforcement agencies.)

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Dreamer's Pups
Dreamer's Pups
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This information will save someone from getting scammed. Chihuahua scammers are everywhere.

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