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Chihuahua History, Evolution, and How To Pick One For Your Future

Updated: Nov 27

Chihuahua attributes have long been conversation for friendly debate at family reunions over generations. The history of the Chihuahua breed has a number of published theories on origin spanning from Asian to Aztec.

The Chihuahua breed has established fame for its very small and tiny size range.  Commonly known as the tiniest breed of dog in the world, this miniature dog was most commonly believed to be developed in Mexico, and named after the state of Chihuahua. 

The Chihuahua’s distinct tiny size and feisty disposition has bolstered the breeds popularity in America, and has evolved into one of the most desired breeds in this country. In an article highlighting the Chihuahuas popularity, it was stated "Labradors and Chihuahuas are proving to be the most popular breeds, coming on top of almost every state between them."

Source: TopAgency.com

Todays common Chihuahua has facial attributes ranging from applehead to pearhead and deerhead, and everything in between. In fact the majority of chihuahuas these days fall somewhere within the spectrum of the two extremes.

On one end of the spectrum you have what favors more terrier like qualities, and on the other side you have whats considered an extreme apple head, named after a dome shaped skull, and a very short pug or shitzu like muzzle.

What most are seeking, when asking for one attribute or the other is an appealing balance of the two just leaning a little toward one side or the other based on preference.

AKC's standard is a muzzle with a 90 degree angle to where the snout meets the skull. Although not officially recognized by the AKC as standard, there is a broad distinction among laymen that encompass the looks between applehead and deerhead chihuahuas, which has has evolved greatly over the later generations.

What we find today within the breed is a creative amalgamation of the two skull shaped structures, and what we have found is that everyone's perspectives are slightly different from eachother, since the governing authority (American Kennel Club) only outlines the one 90 degree "apple head" specification.

The Chihuahua has been coined as the Chihuahueno, a "Purse Dog". Recognized as the World’s Smallest Dog.  Ironically, in its homeland of Mexico, the Chihuahua is sometimes regarded as, the “New Yorker.”  Having evolved in different ways, the breed encompasses an amazing spectrum of attributes.

When breeders specifically brand their dogs as a smaller variety of Chihuahua, like Teacup, Tiny Toy, or Miniature, a buyer should certainly beware. While some Chihuahuas are undoubtedly smaller in size, no major kennel club recognizes these numerous varieties as distinct.

Breeders that breed specifically for size, and certain attributes can potentially be unethical in practice, further compromising health by blending too much of a particular genetic structure for the purpose of capitalizing on the DNA of those "rare" attributes.

The problem with this type of breeding is that the consequences hurt the offspring, creating genetic anomalies that cause serious health issues, like CDA for Blue Chihuahuas, Blindness and deafness in Merle Chihuahuas, and structural issues in the skeletal system when bred tiny to tiny.

So how do you know what characteristics are best for you?

What we do to bring peace to one's choosing of their perfect fit, rather than split hairs over chihuahua types and terminology, is recommend that each family look closely at each baby to discover "a connection" to one or another.

Try it! Go to the available page, and seek the attributes that appeal to you most in looking at each individually, when comparing between available pups.

Most of the time, without even having to communicate this, by the time we talk to the potential families, they have already made a soul connection with one or several that they feel a connection with.

We believe that our Chihuahuas puppies are born to be someone's special lifelong companion. What we seek when determining between prospective families, is the level of sincere interest shown in one or another, because the attitude toward their perceived value shows us how they will be regarded and valued for life.

Here's an example: Recently I declined a home that has offered me $2000 on a $2300 dog that I ultimately let go for $1250, an iPhone 8 and a pair of wireless bose headphones.

Why? Because where one buyer was only going to execute if he got me to compromise on price, the other was willing to give all she had to have the opportunity to be his mommy.

Truth is when you raise a baby chihuahua and know that this decision is for the rest of their vulnerable little lives, bigger factors than just money come into play, and we are always going to lean more toward placing them where we know they will be someone's everything. We believe that's what our babies were born to be.

Once that perfect chihuahua adoption has taken place, everything normally falls right into place, and we can let them go, confidently, knowing that we have raised a very special baby to enhance life for a very special family, and THAT is what makes it all worth it for us in the end.

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