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Why Do Chihuahua Sizes Vary So Much?

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The "Chihuahua", a tiny yet feisty dog, come in various sizes, shapes, and weights. While show chihuahuas must meet specific size and weight standards, companion chihuahuas stretch over a larger range in their measurements. In fact, some pet chihuahuas can weigh more than 10 lbs, especially if they have larger bone structures or are prone to overeating and not enough exercise.

Lifestyle is another contributing factor to how large a chihuahua may get, especially since the little "city" chihuahua that lives in an apartment is a lot more likely to lead a more seditary lifestyle than its counterpart the big yard free range "country" Chihuahua.

It's worth noting that just because a chihuahua is heavier than usual does not mean it's a mixed breed or any lesser of a chihuahua. It just means it can't compete in conformation shows, where only the tiniest and most agile chihuahuas compete for fame and canine industry prominence.

It has been revealed that some excellent and, conversely, not-so-great chihuahua bloodlines produce oversized dogs, making it even harder to predict a chihuahua's size at adulthood.

One reason why chihuahuas come in different sizes is that they don't breed within a very tight range, meaning that littermates can grow up to be vastly different in weight and height.

Additionally, it's important to consider that female chihuahuas with larger frames are less likely to encounter dystocia or difficult labor, making them popular breeding candidates among well educated and compassionate breeders, despite producing larger puppies.

In the AKC community this is a challenge because the standard states 6 lbs for weight on the high end, but arguably reputable breeders lean toward the largest of the litters when selecting a female for breeding since having a robust structure is so fundamental when SAFELY breeding, and although some pups are born larger, they are typically sold as pets to puppy loving families, while the smaller more compact framed pups are sold to select chihuahua breeders as show prospects.

Many times new owners, particular on size fall under the assumption that because the American Kennel Club states 6lbs, that this means their 7 lb chihuahua is not a "real" purebred chihuahua dog, and this is simply not true. When looking at chihuahuas bred by reputable quality breeders, what I've found over the past almost 20 years, is that an honestly motivated breeder with shamelessly reveal pictures of mom who is almost always above 6 lbs.

These are the breeders that I have found worthy of trust, because you would never believe how many will lie to you, just to get rid of the puppy who is probably irritating them daily with their puppy driven antics and poopie messes.

I've found more often than not, that breeders will dishonestly represent size, and cause puppies that would have been eagerly embraced by families wanting a loyal lifelong companion for their children or active or athletic lifestyles, to end up in homes where the owners particular on size come to question their value because they feel as though they had been slighted or lied to, or worse yet, opportunistically cheated.

This is really a shame in our opinion, because money comes and goes. I don't see how one could bring a baby into the world only to doom them to lifelong dissatisfaction.

Some are motivated by vanity and that's their parogative, I don't judge, but sometimes legitimately people request tiny because they may be older, or may suffer from a debilitating condition like arthritis or fibromyalgia, and in these cases, there is a big difference in how well babies of different sizes may be able to fulfill the new mommies or daddies needs.

Although you can never guarantee size on any chihuahua, more often than not, as a breeder I have a very good idea of how big they will get, and I would never in good conscience place a baby that would not likely be a good fit just to make a sale.

I birth these babies, and often times they stay extra long and go for highly reduced prices in an effort to find the perfect family for them, and if your seeking a new baby, it's important that you are clear with your expectations as well. This ensures lifelong success, never shy away from being selective.

Overall, chihuahuas are amazing and unique pets that continue to surprise and delight their owners, however big or small they may be!

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