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The Pandemic Effect: Unveiling the Surge in Pet Adoption and the Breeding Industry

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic brought with it a whirlwind of changes and challenges. One unexpected outcome was the significant surge in demand for pets, particularly dogs. As people found themselves spending more time at home due to remote work, the prospect of owning a pet became more feasible to a much wider marketplace.

In this blog post, we will explore how the breeding pets sector witnessed a remarkable surge in demand during the pandemic, and how it impacted the lives of so many pet enthusiasts.

1. Exploring the Shift in Pet Ownership:

The pandemic-induced lockdowns led to an increase in home-based employment and allowed individuals to evaluate their lifestyle and priorities. Many discovered newfound time and energy to devote to a pet. We delve into the reasons behind this shift and the impact it had on the breeding pets industry.

2. The Growing Demand for Companionship:

3. Assessing the Challenges and Opportunities for Pet Breeders:

With the surge in demand came unique challenges and opportunities for pet breeders. We explore the changes that were faced, such as increased inquiries and adoption requests, and people in sincere need of guidance on one aspect of pet ownership or another.

Breeders made descisions. Quality small hobby breeders, or we can say "Young DreamersPups Trailblazers" for years have capitalized on the grand opportunity to grow together, whereas other breeders adopted into our little family business were likewise supported with the guidance needed to succeed in its service to providing deserving families of America with the consulting and investment needed to succeed for everyone involved.

This is when Marisol, aka "Ghostwriter", (slightly) emerged from being a highly, almost clinically burned out ADHD DRIVEN Press Release Writer for a number of publicly traded companies, to finding a path to fulfill her dream of being able to bring love to life that will last a lifetime for the families selected and accepted "forever homes" for our priceless little rambunctious treasures.

It's universally noted in the small community of over the counter Bulletin Board and Pink Sheet traded companies, that the "Ghostwriter" that wrote to move markets was indeed illusive as the handle that described her.

She came from a place where she learned that in business, less than a handful could be reasonably trusted and well honestly, we're still looking for our handful of partners for the most part.

For participating breeders, affiliation has its advantages. Chief of those is having the ablility to reach a much wider audience through affiliation. This program has been formed for great collective success for DreamersPups and Hobby Breeders alike. The two parts of a whole that creates love seasonally for families all across the United States of America!

All that to say... it hasn't all been sunshine and rainbows over the years, Weve really been forced learn a lot about how greatly people can differ in their ethics, and way of perceiving or expressing value. Not always do we get what we see.

... Also learned that the quickest way to loose a friend is to put them in business with you, if they're ethics and moral fabric is not and cannot be congruent with yours.

I won't go down that rabbit hole now, but it's also been heartbreaking many times. And although it won't be revealed at this moment, one day I'll tell the stories...

It would blow some of your minds how people can change or reveal themselves when there's loyalty unofficially in question. I guess just like any other business there are ups and downs, and the key is our discernment where it comes down to intention.

We hold our affiliated breeders accountable once we agree to work with them, we sponsor and represent them under the established DreamersPups brand.

Of course, there's security in that, but only because I have always been pretty adamant about two non negotiable attributes; as long as they don't fail me in those, I am committed to be continually learning and growing on this journey.

We don't expect perfection from everyone necessarily, but there are the attributes required. Which always play out early on.

With a genuine effort to always keep the maintenance here to the highest standards of cleanliness, we appreciate our support system, whether it's through partnership or maintenance. This dedication is at the foundation of the health of every little rascal that leaves here.

Consistent Honesty, and and an unwavering commitment to ensure the well-being of all our babies, both characteristic of trustworthiness under every circumstance and of course maintaining a pursuit of excellence rated standard.

Character and Commitment. This is what we choose to focus on, and the joy over years of laughter and tears we know will become a never ending life lesson, she we keep our expectations where they guarantee an excellent start for every one of our babies and adopted families.

I guess I will have to tell some of those stories shortly! Some of this stuff is GOLD.

4. The Quality of Life and Benefits of Pet Ownership:

Pets have a profound impact on our well-being, from reducing stress and anxiety to improving overall mental and physical health. We shed light on the essential role that pets play in enhancing our quality of life, especially during times of crisis.

5. The Rise in Pet Adoption: A Blessing and a Challenge:

While the surge in pet adoption during the pandemic is heartening, it also brought about challenges such as supply shortages and increased prices. We discuss the factors contributing to this and emphasize the importance of responsible pet ownership.

6. Nurturing the Bond: Tips for New

Pet Owners:

For those who welcomed a furry friend into their lives during the pandemic, we provide practical tips and guidance on how to build a strong and loving bond with their new Chihuahua puppies. From socialization exercises to puppy training, we offer insights to help pet owners make the most of their new companionship.


The COVID-19 pandemic reshaped numerous aspects of our lives, and the surge in pet ownership was an unexpected consequence. Whether it was the desire for companionship or the newfound time to care for a pet, the breeding pets industry experienced an unprecedented surge in demand. As the world begins to navigate a post-pandemic era, the lessons learned and the love shared with our four-legged friends will continue to shape our lives for years to come.

Remember, at Dreamers Pups, our commitment to providing quality bred chihuahua puppies has never wavered. Whether you welcomed a new addition to your family during the pandemic or are considering it now, we're here to guide you in finding the perfect furry companion.

Note: This sample blog post provides an overview of the content and structure. Actual content length and specific sections can be altered based on requirements.

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