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Surviving Puppyhood: Tips From Potty Training Chihuahua Puppies To Winning the Co Sleeping Standoff

Updated: Aug 1, 2023

Here at Dreamer's Pups we have a methodology to early training that reinforces good habit by working with a puppy's natural instincts to keep their area clean.

From the time that they are 3 weeks old they are rolling out of their beds and onto their puppy pads which gives them an easy choice early on...

It goes something like this: "ok, I'm awake now, do I go pee pee right here that's out of the way on this fabric (puppy pad) that seems to make it disappear? Or do I go back on to my fuzzy bed and pee on our little nest (puppy bed) where all my siblings are going to pick on me for it?

Well, fortunately dogs don't need to be Dreamer's Pups to be smart enough to usually make the right choice, so why are some pups so problematic?

Well, especially in puppy mill environments, it's very difficult for a puppy without a structure in place to know what the right choice is, especially in environments where the poop disappears an inch down and there is no consequence to soiling their Habitat, with resulting odors lingering becoming a familiar state in which to consider "normal".

On the flip side, if they are not attended to in a timely manner, and they are on a tray as opposed to a grid, they can become desensitized to the instincts that would normally direct them to avoid ever going poop in their "Den". (kennel)

As the baby chihuahuas mature their environments are adjusted to leave them with options that will make it easy for them to be able potty out of the way but still on the pad in an enclosed area.

When we do take them outside to play, we do encourage pottying outside as well, but since our set up is basically geared toward early stage potty-training, anytime they transition into their new homes, they are going to need supportive encouragement in learning the new order of things.

We believe that if you know what goes in and when it goes in, you'll be able to predict when it will ultimately come out. This is the best way to be able to control the environment. Puppies will normally have to go potty up waking up, right after breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dogs are very predictable as puppies, and there are fortunately strategies that can be used to ensure success.


One of the main things you're going to want to do, is you're going to want to set up an enclosure for them, so that there is a certain amount of recognition to support any earlier positive habits formed, this is where you can always put them down if you have to take your eyes off them. It's a win-win and necessary resource to have for their ability to rest well, since it's really what they're used to. Some think it's cruel, but structure and private seclusion, access to peace and rest is one of the greatest considerations you can provide your dog, realistically... Think about their canine counterparts in the wild. Wolves, Coyotes, and species of all types find rest in their dens. Well so do these puppies, even if at first they try to convince you it's a bad idea, trust me, it's not, lol.

Don't let them bully you, when it's nap time you do them a greater service by asserting your authority as alpha, and letting them know they can depend on you to be in charge. They will surely try you at first, to see if they can establish dominance, sometimes they might not want to get put up, and they might cry and make you feel like the worst of animal abusers, but believe you me, they had structure here, they just want to be with you all the time, and if they can get you to cave, they will know what works.

They are WISE GUYS... Dont let the innocent eyes get you. Set your perimeters and always keep these things in mind.


First I have to say, I am really LOUSY AT CREATING PERSONAL SPACE BOUNDARIES. So, I speak from experience here, nevertheless my babies are always on the bed... So ... take this as "Advice" on how to incorporate what you decide for your family. As opposed to a RECOMMENDATION... Because my recommendation would be ... "just go get him, MOMMY!"

...That said,

It's the same principle with sleeping on the bed! If you let them exhaust you, and yield to them, you just need to plan for them to be under your covers all life long, lol. I'm just being up front so that you don't waste a lot of time and energy trying to incorporate boundaries that they don't consider non negotiable. I'm honestly not saying that as much for the puppy as I am for you, lol!

If they think the terms are negotiable, they have nothing better to do than make you crazy pleading their case.

So... If one of our babies is able to persuade their way into sleeping on your bed, you'll want to make sure you haven't fed them after 6. This is so that they don't wake up in the middle of the night having to go potty, with being stuck on the bed eliminating any other options.

I'm going to create another blog about this, but the same holds true for table food or anything you find yourself in a Mexican standoff over.

For both you and your Chihuahua Puppy's sake, if you're going to set boundaries, on anything of importance to you, absolutely follow through, or don't keep trying, because you don't want to be set up for failure, and you wouldn't believe how much more it hurts a puppy's feelings to have to stand your ground after you've already yielded on that point.

Potty training is a fundamental aspect of responsible pet ownership, and when it comes to chihuahua puppies, it is essential to establish good habits from an early age. While potty training any dog can be challenging, chihuahuas can present unique difficulties due to their small size and delicate nature. Here in the next blog, we're providing a step-by-step approach to effectively potty training your chihuahua puppies making a clean and well-mannered environment for both you and your furry friend as seamless and simple as possible .

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