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Tips for Finding the Best Vet Around

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

First I'll say this. If your baby seems listless or lacking in energy, DO NOT WAIT!

Give them Nutical or Karo syrup immediately. There's no time to loose if the situation is affecting their blood sugar levels. (More on this in a different post.)

This blog is set up for a non emergency reference to help secure the best possible veterinarian for your chihuahua or tiny puppy of any breed.

When it comes to our beloved four-legged family members, their health and well-being are of paramount importance. This is especially true for tiny and small breed dogs, who often come with unique needs and vulnerabilities. Finding the best veterinarian for these pint-sized pups requires careful consideration and a comprehensive understanding of their special requirements. In this blog post, we will discuss the importance of being well-versed in the special needs of tiny dogs and provide some key considerations to keep in mind when selecting a veterinarian.

Importance of Specialized Care for Tiny Dogs:

Tiny and small breed dogs, such as Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and Yorkshire Terriers, have distinct health characteristics that set them apart from their larger counterparts. These dogs are more susceptible to certain health issues, such as dental problems, hypoglycemia, respiratory issues, and orthopedic conditions like patellar luxation. Therefore, it is crucial to find a veterinarian who has a deep understanding of the specific challenges these breeds may face.

Considerations for Selecting the Right Veterinarian:

1. Experience and Expertise:

Ensure that the veterinarian you choose has experience working with tiny and small breed dogs. Inquire about their knowledge and expertise in handling the unique health concerns of these breeds. Veterinarians who are well-versed in tiny dog care are more likely to offer informed advice and provide tailored treatment options.

2. Small Dog-Friendly Facilities:

The clinic or hospital should have separate areas or facilities designed specifically for small dogs. Tiny dogs can often feel intimidated and stressed in larger spaces with bigger animals. Creating a calm and comfortable environment can help alleviate their anxiety during vet visits.

3. Gentle Handling Techniques:

Ask the veterinarian about their approach to handling tiny dogs. Ideally, they should be trained in gentle handling techniques that minimize stress and discomfort. These techniques should be applied during routine examinations, vaccinations, and any necessary procedures to ensure the emotional and physical well-being of your dog.

4. Knowledge of Breed-Specific Issues:

Different small breeds have varying susceptibilities to certain health conditions. A knowledgeable veterinarian should be familiar with these breed-specific issues, be it luxating patellas in toy poodles or dental problems in Pomeranians. They should be proactive in discussing preventive measures and offering appropriate diagnostics and treatments.

5. Dental Health Expertise:

Oral health is a crucial aspect of overall well-being for tiny dogs, as they are prone to dental issues. A veterinarian who understands the importance of dental care and specializes in dental health for small breed dogs can help prevent problems like periodontal disease. Inquire whether the clinic offers dental cleanings, extractions, and advice on home dental care.

6. Availability of Diagnostic Equipment:

Look for clinics that are equipped with diagnostic tools specifically designed for small dogs. This may include X-ray machines, ultrasound equipment, and blood pressure monitors suitable for tiny patients. Having access to these diagnostics can aid in the early detection and treatment of potential health issues.


Choosing the best veterinarian for your tiny or small breed dog is a critical decision that can significantly impact their overall health and quality of life. Opting for a vet who possesses knowledge and experience in caring for tiny dogs' special needs can provide you with peace of mind. By prioritizing factors such as expertise, specialized care, and a gentle approach, you can ensure your little companion receives the exceptional veterinary care they deserve.

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