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Delivery Options

Because delivery cost can vary quite a bit based on your location we offer several options. Choose which one works for you. 

Pick up your puppy 

If this option works for you just schedule an appointment to pick up your new baby! 


Doorstep delivery

We can deliver your new puppy straight to your doorstep! If you choose this option the price will be calculated based on mileage. (.85 per mile)


Meet us in Nashville, TN, Corinth, MS, or Florence, AL

We offer a flat fee of $99 to meet in either of these cities.


Meet us at the airport

We can deliver your new baby straight to you at the airport. 

Nashville airport: 99$

Memphis: $99

McKellar-Sipes: free

We can also fly with the puppy to meet you at your nearest airport. If you choose this option you will be responsible for the ticket price as well as a Flight nanny fee of $99.

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