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$1,450.00 Regular Price
$580.00Sale Price

Charlie is a handsome and confident little lavender boy. Super sweet and affectionate, numerous, and oh so pleasing on the eyes. Hes one of the world's most handsome empaths if you ask me.

He loves to play and is a little on the rambunctious side. Does well with dogs and cats alike.

He was another little Chihuahua that we held for too long for someone who ultimately was unable to follow through, but he's a very sweet boy. Affectionate, smart, and loyal.

The puppies come with all their wormings and vaccinations up-to-date, health record and vaccination folder. They come with a puppy starter kit that includes a bag of food, any supplies they were using, and a few puppy pads. They also come with a NuVet starter Vitamin packet, extra vet grade wormer if we have it, treats, bones, toys, and a Blankey from home. They are delivered perfectly healthy, and are guaranteed for one year as long as you're able to get them to the vet within 3 days to confirm health. Should life threatening congenital issues rise thereafter, I guarantee the exchange of a new healthy baby.

We also have a great trade up program where you can trade stuff like electronics you no longer use. Ask us about that on our website if you're interested! DREAMERSPUPS.COM

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