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Captain Black Merle

Captain Black Merle

$1,850.00 Regular Price
$925.00Sale Price

The puppies come with all their wormings and vaccinations up-to-date, health record and vaccination folder. They come with a puppy starter kit that includes a bag of food, any supplies they were using, and a few puppy pads. They also come with a NuVet starter Vitamin packet, extra vet grade wormer if we have it, treats, bones, toys, and a Blankey from home. They are delivered perfectly healthy, and are guaranteed for one year as long as you're able to get them to the vet within 3 days to confirm health; for this we supply even a voucher for a free vet visit. Should life threatening congenital issues rise thereafter, I guarantee the exchange of a new healthy baby.

We also have a great trade up program where you can trade stuff like electronics you no longer use. Ask us about that on our website if you're interested! DREAMERSPUPS.COM

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